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Angipanis of the Abanimal People

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Andy Leleisi'uao
at Whitespace
23 Apr 2008 - 11 May 2008

Added by Dib "The Angipanis of the Abanimal People reflect an inner reality that, I believe, is part of a continuous evolution which has always existed, it's simply been waiting for me to notice it. Using a combination of past and recent symbols that have appeared throughout my works, what has emerged is a surreal world of good and evil. This pictorial vocabulary demonstrates a spiritual confrontation, an inner world of constant instability and mystery, a world that merges and lingers in an ambivalence, reflecting my own angels and demons. My need to engage in such contrasting and often conflicting desires is significant to me. To recognize and resonant in the space between these differences is essential to my work. These works are helping me understand who I am."

12 crummer rd ponsonby auckland new zealand
hours tues-fri 11-6, sat 11-4

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