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Andrew Moon: Feature Artist

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Andrew Moon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Mar 2013 - 31 Mar 2013

Added by Zimmerman

Andrew Moon’s compositions draw on the dramatic effects of chiaroscuro (exaggerated contrasts of light and dark).

Finding inspiration in the works of Old Masters such as Caravaggio (1571-1610), Moon’s intensely illuminated figures take centre stage, picked out from dark shadowy backgrounds by bold, directional sources of light.

Rejection is a startling image of romance gone wrong; a young Romeo bleeds from the heart, as he kneels to woo the object of his affections. The viewer is left to imagine their own story – is his blood real or figurative, who could have done this terrible thing, and what will become of this hapless lover now?

In Drift and Rendezvous, the chiaroscuro lighting effects are more reminiscent of film noir Hollywoodcrime dramas. Popularised in the 1940s, these typically low budget movies were characterised by deep shadows and dramatic lighting (eg; a streetlight spilling into a dark room through partially opened blinds). While darkness was often used in film noir to disguise a cheap set, in Moon’s compositions the shadows and strongly directional lighting are used purely for dramatic effect. Moon’s central character stands in a gloomy room, her features illuminated by a single source of light. Is this mysterious woman with the blood red lipstick a heroine, victim or villain in this shady scene?

Escape features a more contemporary character, its focus being on the struggles of the modern day artist. The artist strives to paint, knowing a masterpiece is almost within his grasp, yet he is held back from achieving his potential by knotty, worldly constraints. However, the work acknowledges that such a state of tension is critical to artistic inspiration, as portrayed by two smaller panels that sit beside the central work. One of the side panels features the despondent artist, who has given up all hope and is cast into creative darkness; the other panel contemplates absolute artistic freedom, in which an absence of tension results in there being nothing to drive the artist to paint.

Harmony is a work less attributable to a particular time period. An overtly theatrical work, the composition explores different plays of light, colour and shade on a young woman’s face. Her bejewelled mask is down, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the real person behind the showy facade.

We welcome you to call by ZIMMERMAN this month, to view these and other works by Andrew Moon. 


andrew_moon_-_rejection andrew_moon_-_escape_central_panel_ andrew_moon_-_harmony

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