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Andrew Moon

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Andrew Moon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Jun 2014 - 30 Jun 2014

Added by Zimmerman

This month, Zimmerman Art Gallery features the oil paintings of Kapiti Coast artist Andrew Moon.

Inspired by the realist styles and techniques of the Old Masters, Moon enjoys working with the harsh lighting effects of chiaroscuro (exaggerated contrasts of light and dark). Bold directional sources of light illuminate Moon’s figures, drawing them out from the darkness.

Two of the works feature youth suited in amour. Moon explains his inspiration behind these two works as follows:

"For a while now I’ve had a hankering to paint someone in a suit of armour. I’ve never quite gotten around to it because it’s just not the sort of item you have lying around. After recently reading a new biography of Titian, and seeing again his fantastic rendering of armoured patrons, I knew I had to give it a go. But where to find a suit of armour these days? Local costume places shrugged or offered a plastic replica. More promising was a local movie studio, who were able to point me in the direction of a genuine modern “knight” by the name of Craig Gillan. Craig teaches Medieval combat and has previously been involved in the Lord of the Rings movies."

"Craig’s suit of armour is the real deal. It’s heavy steel, leather straps, the works. And it’s been lived in – the dents, cuts and scars all bear witness to real sword-on-armour action. This was the suit I wanted to paint. But for the composition I had in mind, I wanted to juxtapose this robust armour against youthfulness and vulnerability. On the one hand I wanted to capture the superficial gleam of the reflecting steel, but on the other hand I wanted to be able to convey a sense of the resilience and thick skin that the steel symbolizes. It makes me think of those among us who are somehow able to take the most brutal knocks and blows that come their way and who still get up the next day to face their challenges."

The exhibition of new paintings by Andrew Moon runs until 30 June 2014.

Selected images: 
Bloom 2 (2013), oil on canvas, 600 x 450 mm
Reflection (2014), oil on canvas, 760 x 380 mm 
Fortitude (2014), oil on canvas, 1200 x 900 mm 

reflection fortitude

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