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All things small and wonderful - group show

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Cam Munroe, Tony Rumball, Fran Dibble, Naga Tsutsumi, Sebastien Jaunas, Rebecca Wallis, Kate Elder, Kirsty Gardiner and Katherine Claypole
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
Until 31 Jan 2018

Added by Zimmerman

A few months ago, ZIMMERMAN asked each of its artists to consider creating work for a “small things” summer exhibition (December 2017 / January 2018).

The question “how small is small?” was left to each artist to determine, and a number of ZIMMERMAN artists approached the challenge with enthusiasm and vigour.

A few artists discovered they had “just the thing” already in their studio, while others were spurred to begin completely new projects for this exhibition.

The result is an eclectic collection of stunning works in a variety of different media, including works created using porcelain, bronze, steel, glass, wood, canvas, paper and silk.

Titled All things small and wonderful, the exhibited works will change over the course of the exhibition: as some of these works are taken away, new small works (including works by other artists) will be added in their place.

Featured here are just a few images of some of the works initially on display ... 


640x640gt-lightbulbs 640x640gt-9 original-tinysmearandcatch-rebecca-wallis-2015

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