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James Robinson: Age of Transformation

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James Robinson
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Apr 2012 - 29 Apr 2012

Added by Zimmerman Visitors to ZIMMERMAN during the month of February may recall viewing James Robinson’s Parasite, a striking mixed media work from the private collection of local art enthusiast, Barry Pilcher. This month, ZIMMERMAN is delighted to feature further works by James Robinson. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Otago), and was Paramount Winner of the Wallace Art Awards in 2007. He has been awarded a number of prestigious artist residencies, and has exhibited in Berlin, London, Sydney, Melbourne and New York. The works exhibited at ZIMMERMAN range from densely clotted and paint splattered canvasses, to smaller works drawn on scorched and torn papers. The most visually commanding work is Threshold, a heaving diptych, in which cultural icons and household items crash forth in a tsunami of trash and treasure. For the artist, the work reflects both the monstrous devastation wrought by acts of god, and the intensely personal tumult of the human mind, continually searching for meaning and points of connection in an unpredictable world. Yet looking beyond the chaos and destruction, there is a sense of barely restrained joy in many of Robinson’s canvasses. These extroverted works exhibit an exuberant coagulation of colour, deliciously dripped and splattered forms, and spunky explosions of stringy white globules that launch fearlessly across the canvas. These are surely works that Robinson enjoyed the process of creating. While the abstract paintings may be the most visually complex of Robinson’s works, his drawings also form an integral part of his artistic practice. Often displayed together with his paintings, Robinson’s drawings allow us a glimpse into the preoccupations of the artist’s mind – snatches of taunts and slogans, symbolic doodles and graffiti-like forms all provide cryptic clues as to the creative intelligence behind the works. We welcome you to stop by ZIMMERMAN this month, to form your own response to Robinson’s rich and varied works.

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