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18.02.06_-_03.20_-_rosa_martinez_-_webcrop1 World Autism Ability Awareness: Don't 'dis' the Ability | Strokes of Genius, Inc. chashama
5.koha_o_te_waipounamu_2018_ Earthquakes & Butterflies pekapeka
_stu7341sm_copy Ubu in Wonderland George Parker
18.01.12_-_04.16_-_philippe_halaburda_-_suuar_on_monpayy_webcrop Paintings by Philippe Halaburda chashama
17.11.1_-_9_-_stanley_consuegra_-_webcrop Constellations of the Memory | Stanley Consuegra
Stanley Consuegra
at chashama 266
Until 21 Feb 2018
pba_cny2018_g_thebigidea_artbash Year of the Dog Exhibition cheryl
fragment-1-2017-50x40cm Andrew Moon - selected new works
Andrew Moon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
Until 28 Feb 2018
martin-thompson-invite-2018 Martin Thompson Brett
18.01.31_-_02.14_-_chanorth_-_justbeingpolite_connie_noyes__cocoon Just Being Polite chashama
No.1 Pretty chashama
gigi_chen_bower_bird All That You Need
Gigi Chen
at Lobby of 733 3rd Avenue
Until 6 Apr 2018
18.01.04_-_18.02.04_-_charity_henderson_-_webcrop Beneath the Surface
Charity Henderson
at chashama 266
5 Jan 2018 - 11 Feb 2018
pba_cny2018_ji_mailchimp_edm Parnell Year of the Dog Exhibition cheryl
skittish_summer_show_2_ Skittish Summer Show Vav God
1 All things small and wonderful - group show Zimmerman
art_of_the_deal_ubu The Art of the Deal George Parker
gary-blackman-invite-2017 Drawings 1973 & 1975
Gary Blackman
at Brett McDowell Gallery
24 Nov 2017 - 14 Dec 2017
black_five_2017_acrylic_and_tape_on_board_460_x_610_mm Interplay
Luise Fong
at Antoinette Godkin
14 Nov 2017 - 9 Dec 2017
Vav God
andrea-benetti-arte Volti contro la violenza
Andrea Benetti
at Palazzo D'Accursio - Sala Ercole
18 Nov 2017 - 13 Dec 2017
krystie_wade Entanglement: Group Exhibition
Krystie Wade, Caroline Earley and Hanna Petrick
at Whitespace
14 Nov 2017 - 2 Dec 2017