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January 2010

Business as Usual

all characters are fictional.
Written by william blake 28 Jan 2010 in Artbash 13 Comments
September 2009

D.Mystifying D.Mitchell

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!? am i the only person in the country who has anything intelligent to say about this artwork? can nobody else be bothered? are all the thoughtful people just too shy? or did dane m...
Written by Sam I am 10 Sep 2009 in Rants 51 Comments
February 2009

Culture is for drip fed pupae, Give me an artist wi...

WE DO NOT NEED CULTURE WE NEED A FEW ARTISTS if you see Regan Gentry (or myself for that matter.. ) ask him what does he think he is doing
Written by Flake 12 Feb 2009 in Artbash 96 Comments
January 2009

Me on Esther Schukard's Art

Me Richatd Marcopolis writing my first review. This one is about Esther Schukard . If you like this one I might try again.
Written by AttaboyFatboy 24 Jan 2009 in Reviews 40 Comments
September 2008

SCAPE SCRAPE or One Bad Apple in Every Barrel

“- there’s no there there.” - Gertrude Stein
Written by auguststoned 21 Sep 2008 in Art Theory and History 29 Comments
July 2008

Enjoy Public Good

Written by Flake 22 Jul 2008 in Publication Reviews 10 Comments
April 2008

Peek inside the NY art world and the elusive Cindy ...

This movie takes the piss out of the art world and unexpectedly for an American "guy with a microphone" semi-parody is also self effacing.
Written by Artbasher 2 Apr 2008 in Reviews 44 Comments
March 2008

The Improbability of Life in the Mind of Someone Dy...

Roger Boyce is as old as dirt. Thus raising the question has New Zealand and Christchurch in particular become a sort of elephant’s burial ground for the international cultural/intellectual set?
Written by babelicious 13 Mar 2008 in Art Theory and History 93 Comments
January 2008

one small step for man...

eve: episode 1...
Written by Sam I am 19 Jan 2008 in Reviews 3 Comments
December 2007

Why You Suck As An Artist

16 Subjective reasons why you suck as an artist
Written by Honeybunch 4 Dec 2007 in Educational Presentations 34 Comments
November 2007

The Rise, Fall and Reverse Apotheosis of the Domest...

There follows, a disordered monologue, lacking in empathy, empiricism, factuality, restraint, historical perspective or measure - meant to confound, irritate, exasperate or bore its target audience of ...
Written by Honeybunch 27 Nov 2007 in Art Theory and History 42 Comments
October 2007

Ilam School of Fine Arts – BLOODLETTING

Ilam School of Fine Arts – BLOODLETTING Before, During, and After SFA’s 125th Year Celebrations at The Christchurch Art Gallery.
Written by bozoski 10 Oct 2007 in Rants 216 Comments
August 2007

limn file at HSP

Australians infiltrate HSP with a particularly vacuous group exhibition.
Written by Peneloping 9 Aug 2007 in Reviews 42 Comments
July 2007

Pulling my Leg?

I recently received an email drawing my attention to an artwork by Mona Hatoum, a British/Lebanese artist. Her work Pull (1995) is pictured at right. My corespondent pointed out the similarity to Pull ...
Written by Artbasher 14 Jul 2007 in Reviews 30 Comments
June 2007

Australia, Everyone is Scared Here.

I feel that I’m living in an extremely comfortable cartoon, pretty and clean and ripped off. Where everyone has the same dream, replicas of me are already here, being here makes them have to move ove...
Written by Flake 25 Jun 2007 in Rants 61 Comments
May 2007

Effluent Rising - Matt Gillies

Governmental systems, their bureaucracies, absurdities and ultimately their stifling and suppressive nature are the concern as Gillies targets the responsiveness of public systems to political thought.
Written by Paul Brobbel 22 May 2007 in Reviews 30 Comments
May 2007

We all need Guidance

This is a really gratifying piece of bashful art, carefully considered and elegantly crafted; let's enjoy it for that....
Written by Creon Upton 1 May 2007 in Reviews 27 Comments
March 2007

Dunedin Beautification Project

I was sitting in a suburban bus shelter some weeks ago, doing what you do while waiting for a bus, sitting and waiting. The mutual sitting and waiting provided the opportunity for a conversation with a...
Written by alibi 27 Mar 2007 in Reviews 15 Comments
February 2007

The Boys Club

Seriously unfunny...
Written by jt 25 Feb 2007 in Reviews 192 Comments
January 2007

Outing of Erewhon

We have here an extremely disparate but absorbing show featuring fourteen Christchurch trained artists who have been asked to draw on themes and ideas from Samuel Butler’s 1872 satirical novel Erewho...
Written by John Hurrell 14 Jan 2007 in Reviews 2 Comments
November 2006

Martin Thompson

For all those visiting the City Gallery in Wellington, who are not impressed with the overly manipulated photography of Sam Taylor Wood, try Thompson's show exhibited in the Hirschfeld Gallery, for man...
Written by mcc 1 Nov 2006 in Reviews 54 Comments
October 2006

Crying Shame

Just what is it that makes today’s British art so indifferent, so unappealing? A Crying Shame at the Wellington City Art Gallery
Written by tripod 20 Oct 2006 in Reviews 76 Comments
September 2006

League of Extraordinary Pretensions: Julia Morison ...

Alan Gibbs, the multi-millionaire tycoon art collector, said recently: “With good art, you don’t have to explain it”. Whatever the shortcomings of that statement, he obviously wasn’t thinking o...
Written by Pyrrho 1 Sep 2006 in Reviews 80 Comments
August 2006

Understanding Et Al

As part of a project to educate our politicians about contemporary art, and the work of Et Al in particular (especially after the profound ignorance demonstrated in their comments on Venice 2005), I ha...
Written by Populuxe 9 Aug 2006 in Educational Presentations 67 Comments
July 2006

Art is Dead - at Te Papa Anyway.

As far as it goes the exhibition is great: There are loads of props, sculptures, paintings, interviews and contextual information. What the Museum of New Zealand is doing going near this show is an ent...
Written by Artbasher 21 Jul 2006 in Reviews 18 Comments
June 2006

Turgid Birds

O'those turgid melodramatic birds; conditional surrenders in the face of apathetic follies.
Written by Harold Greaves 3 Jun 2006 in Reviews 31 Comments
May 2006

The Artbash Store

AB, how come you have images of works in your store that are NOT for sale? Surely they are taking up space you could be earning good money from? _____ (Note - I moved this to a new thread. John...
Written by John Hurrell 4 May 2006 in Artbash 100 Comments
April 2006

Devilishly Funny

Jason Greig’s work is often misunderstood as being not truly contemporary –in the sense that his references to say, the nineteenth century Symbolists he clearly loves, are over-emphasised.
Written by John Hurrell 26 Apr 2006 in Reviews 6 Comments
March 2006

Regan Gentry: Lightness and weight

Regan Gentry has something that so many others are missing.
Written by Artbasher 13 Mar 2006 in Reviews 47 Comments
January 2006

Abyss of Reflections

Abortion dormant sine prole detritus petrified ferule inanimate chasms moloch lapidary erasures sisyphean effluvium sequacious numinous.
Written by Shannon OBrien 28 Jan 2006 in Reviews 13 Comments
December 2005

A Return to 1981

When an artist shows little or no progression over a period of almost 25 years, perhaps it is time to hang up their brush.
Written by Tattler 25 Dec 2005 in Reviews 6 Comments
November 2005

Roger Mortimer Interview

I met Roger at his show “Supercover” at Brooke Gifford’s in Christchurch about a month ago. We went to the Dux for a couple of beers and spoke a little about his work. The conversation culminated...
Written by dollyhaze 17 Nov 2005 in Rants 4 Comments
October 2005

Institutionally Hobbled Horse

I know what's up: I killed the author and made up my own story. Or was that everyone else and it's simply my superior sense of smell?
Written by Artbasher 27 Oct 2005 in Reviews 57 Comments
February 2006

Flitting reflections (not a) flimsy review

Walking through this exhibition, my usual feeling of irritation, of bad spiritual hygiene, the general ache for some fresh air and good rock music( absolution through endorphin producing noise scouring...
Written by NN 7 Feb 2006 in Reviews 17 Comments
September 2005

Taonga Whanau Secrets Revealed

The University of Canterbury responded to my request for information regarding Taonga Whanau at SOFA gallery. There was no rat and no smoking gun. These are the facts.
Written by Artbasher 20 Sep 2005 in Rants 3 Comments
August 2005

I liked this show for all the wrong reasons.

I liked this show for all the wrong reasons: the dust in the air because the space had only just been swept, the work still being hung as visitors arrived and that the projection screen fell down half-...
Written by Artbasher 30 Aug 2005 in Reviews 18 Comments