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Rebecca Wallis - Manawatu debut

Rebecca Wallis
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Antagonist Freak Show


AMAZON; Expeditionary Force


What Happens

Cilla Mc Queen
at Brett McDowell Gallery Dunedin
Opening Reception (local time)



The dormouse is asleep again

Susanne S.D. Themlitz
at Galerie Houg, Paris Paris
Opening Reception (local time)

Antagonist Freak Show

at Next to Reading Cinema Invercargill

Laurence Aberhart


An Eternal Spring - New sculptures by Fran Dibble

Fran Dibble
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Deleted Scenes


Somebodies Eye


Return To The Soil

All Conversations
polynesian_woman Polynesian Woman by Ben Seeley Acryllic Paint, Primed Canvas $60
An Acryllic Painting of a Polynesian Woman.  On Stretched Canvas, that has been primed.
p4210009 The Climb by Isaac Opoku Badu Oil on canvas $12
A male Leopard effortlessly bounds up a large tree to get the Impala kill, etashed there
h Secret Treasure of Ligeia Mare by Dimitri Wall oil on canvas 1 Comment
inch_clutha_quinty Inch Clutha by Quint Baker 6 Comments
24_k800_15x20 studio 24 by Mauro Di Francescantonio acrilico $167
image Floral Decorator by Sonja Bremmers Acrylic,mixedmedia, collage
Mixed media, collage, acrylic, abstract. 
x Didn't ask to be here (Prints only) by Jay Shepherd Acrylic $49
p1690793 Youn, perspective ... by Tomislav Krpan $1
New Comments
Quint Baker reply to Rise
It's nice and a lot of action too. >>
Quint Baker reply to ...
Again pretty interesting and I wouldn't normally associate purple and lavender with primitive cultures? >>
Quint Baker reply to Secret Treasure of Ligeia...
Pretty awesome. It's funny that it's not shadowy. Predominately orange peach and blue and yet it's frightening? >>
Quint Baker reply to Inch Clutha >>
twisted_vagina___quinty Quint Baker reply to Inch Clutha
Twisted Vagina >>
alien_pop_band___quinty Quint Baker reply to Inch Clutha
death_panties_quinty Quint Baker reply to Inch Clutha
lamb_in_wolf_clothing_quinty_whatsoninvers Quint Baker reply to Inch Clutha
Orange >>