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Sumner Art Society 2016 Exhibition

Sumner Art Society
at Redcliffs Mt Pleasant Bowling Club Christchurch
Opening Reception (local time)

Omaggio alla pittura Rupestre di ANDREA BENETTI a c...

Andrea Benetti
at Museo del Castello di San Giorgio La Spezia
Opening Reception (local time)







Sebastien Jaunas - selected sculptures

Sebastien Jaunas
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Supercontinental Migration

Kylin O'brien
at chashama 266 New York City

Does anyone recognize this signature?

Does anyone recognise this artists signature on my oil painting?
Written by stan in Questions & Answers

Three Naive Painters; Teuane Tibbo, Dick Lyne, Ivan...


Recognise this painting?

Trying to discover the origin of this painting
Written by kakarikigreen in Questions & Answers

Shadows & Substance

Marcia Haufrecht
at chashama 266 New York City
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380x240h-p1000620 After Leonardo by Ellie O'neill pencil
380x240h-2016-07-21_22.17.49 Skatch by Dimitri Wall Watercolor on Paper
380x240h-sany0599 fish hook by Lisa Hippolite acrylic paint $211
380x240h-cs_1_ contact sheets 1-4 by Pat Kelly liquify
morphed images
380x240h-psychic_cat_z_halcyon_days_quint_baker The World Is Boring by Quint Baker 3 Comments
Newest Comment Quint Baker
380x240h-together Together by Ramari Tauroa Tibble Oil on canvas panel
Two Koru together, representing two people united.
380x240h-animals animals by Maria Shakhova acrylic, canvas $379
380x240h-p1230137 Hair style by Tomislav Krpan $1
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