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Miranda Parkes
at Antoinette Godkin Auckland
Until 13 Sep 2014

Brett Rangitaawa - Metal Sculptor

Brett Rangitaawa
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North
Until 30 Sep 2014

Two Tales

Tom Folwell and Michelle Bellamy
at Parnell Gallery Auckland
Opening Reception 9 Sep 2014 5:30 pm (local time)
9 Sep 2014 - 23 Sep 2014

Tom & Jerry at the Window

Rob Mc Leod
at {Suite} Gallery Wellington
Opening Reception 2 Oct 2014 5:30 pm (local time)
2 Oct 2014 - 25 Oct 2014

Can I live on art alone?

So it has become increasingly difficult to pull myself away from painting and after discussion with my partner, I have decided I will no longer fight it and will focus solely on my work.  My inner...
Written by CJEdmonds 24 Aug 2014 in Rants 2 Comments

We Will Work With You: Wellington Media Collective...

Wellington Media Collective
at St Paul St Auckland
Opening Reception 11 Sep 2014 5:30 pm (local time)
12 Sep 2014 - 24 Oct 2014


Ans Westra
at {Suite} Gallery Wellington
3 Sep 2014 - 27 Sep 2014

'New Works'

Neil Driver
at Parnell Gallery Auckland
12 Aug 2014 - 26 Aug 2014

Bruce Luxford - Floral Series

Bruce Luxford
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North
1 Aug 2014 - 31 Aug 2014

Solo Exhibition

Rebecca Harris
at Whitespace Auckland
8 Jul 2014 - 26 Jul 2014

Va I Ta - Illumination

Lily Laita
at Whitespace Auckland
8 Jul 2014 - 26 Jul 2014

Works on Paper 1963 to the present

Greer Twiss
at Whitespace Auckland
Until 13 Sep 2014
All Conversations
1409544301986 One by Cj Edmonds Acrylic on Canvas $125
exhibition_in_a_phone_box_coming_soon Exhibition in a Phone Box Coming Soon by Quint Baker 4 Comments
rty Great Southern Land by Neil Stewart Acrylic on canvas $376
View on the South Island from Wellington's south coast
exhibition_in_the_toilets_by_quinty_boy Exhibition in the Toilets by Antagonist Freak Show Publishing 5 Comments
More images to follow   Underwear on Thick Hay I bated the mouse   I tr...
fortune_teller Fortune Teller by Santanu Nandan Dinda Acrylic on Canvas $2,000
An Indian lady as a 'Fortune Teller'
20140606_141308 The Embrace by Jaimee Woodward Acrylic $17
Acrylic painting of a couple held in a passionate embrace. On cartridge paper.
nostalgia_100x81 Nostalgia by Jose Higuera oil on canvas $11,807 1 Comment
What are you thinking about?
fast_forward_ii Fast Forward II (Living in the Anthropocene by Robert Bristow Oil on Canvas $209
Mankind's endless thirst for fossil fuels has caused atmospheric CO 2 levels to rise from 280 ...
New Comments
Quint Baker 29 Aug 2014 8:11 am reply to Exhibition in a Phone Box...
"Many people have the opinion that Quinty Boy is not a serious artist. In a way that's true, hes just having fun. I suppose that means a real artist is someone who is not having fun? I guess tha... >>
2 Quint Baker 28 Aug 2014 2:38 pm reply to Exhibition in a Phone Box...
Sure,  Exhibition in a Pet Shop? Exhibition in a Phone Box Coming Soon >>
CJEdmonds 26 Aug 2014 1:59 pm reply to Can I live on art alone?
Thanks Monkey. That is the perfect honest answer..I appreciate your response. .I have had success in solo exhibitions and cafe exhibitions. So I will keep battling on. I have tried but I can't silence... >>
Monkey 25 Aug 2014 3:03 am reply to Bruce Luxford - Floral Se...
Nice. Captured the dangerous inherent darkness in nature that the late 19th century felt so well. The silly blue pencils tweedia though, no that's a bit tacky... Love the evil gladioli. >>
Monkey 25 Aug 2014 2:58 am reply to 'New Works'
What nice paintings & so well painted. Why not some more interesting subjects next time rather than wall art for 1980s restaurants. >>
Monkey 25 Aug 2014 2:53 am reply to Nostalgia
Needs more bust for a velvet painting. Not kitsch enough as girls in peasant blouses need to be stacked to work. >>
Monkey 25 Aug 2014 2:49 am reply to Can I live on art alone?
The answer is no. Unless you have curatorial friends in high places, know the right dealers and went to the right art schools you have no future as a successful moderne artist. If you are a traditional... >>
1_2 Quint Baker 23 Aug 2014 10:02 am reply to Exhibition in a Phone Box...
Yeah Quinty Boy >>