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Sound Anatomy


New Work



Cornelia Craig
at Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter Auckland
Opening Reception (local time)

No Remedy, But More


In My Dreaming I Saw Moea Iho Nei I Au





Patrick Hartigan
at Brett McDowell Gallery Dunedin
Opening Reception (local time)

Andrew Moon - Recent Works

Andrew Moon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Solid Colour: Part I


New Paintings


Mine Mine Mind


Colours of the Land

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201507181901080550544001437226268 Village Life by Neha Gupta $275
Indian Art Ideas is an online art gallery that exhibits the finest collection of modern, contemporar...
1-p3112555 Down Under ll by Haylee Kirkham Acrylic $223
p7080004 Ideal woman by Isaac Opoku Badu oil, canvas $675 1 Comment
Mother has great love for her child, she carry her child at her back while she also carry heavy load...
antonio_buero_vallejo Antonio Buero Vallejo by Alejandro Cabeza oil $2,244 1 Comment
Portrait of Antonio Buero Vllejo  
img_3791 Manifesting by Quint Baker 12 Comments
p1020142 Jeff Bridges by Andrew Gillan Graphite $229
The picture is framed with museum grade mat board and conservation glass. Dimensions W 430mm x H ...
marine_life Marine Life by Ben Seeley Watercolour Paper, Black Frame $51
Acryllic painting of underwater marine life.  On Watercolour paper, in a black frame.  Abs...
h Secret Treasure of Ligeia Mare by Dimitri Wall oil on canvas 1 Comment
New Comments
chandni.Saxena reply to Words form art.
When I consider art i believe of beauty. Beauty is that the mystery of life. it's not within the eye it's within the mind. In our minds there's awareness of perfection. To buy exclusive art just visit ... >>
NehaGupta reply to What is Art?
Art is a Feeling which covert human creative skill and imagination in to a certainity. Indian art ideas is an online art gallery where you can buy an attractive art online. >>
NehaGupta reply to Old tree
This is a beautiful painting and work done by the artist. You can check out the similar paintings in online art gallery of Indian Art Ideas at >>
NehaGupta reply to Alchemy
Good work, this painting is a beautiful painting and good work by the artist. You can check out the similar paintings in an online art gallery of Indian Art Ideas at >>
NehaGupta reply to Andrew Moon - Recent Work...
This is a beautiful painting depicting the love story. This painting is made by using an oil and canvas medium. You can check out the similar paintings in an online art gallery of Indian Art Ideas at h... >>
NehaGupta reply to Antonio Buero Vallejo
Antonio Buero Vallejo is an artist who was awarded with National Theatre prize 3 times in his career. His works make frequent use of the symbolism of the senses. You can check out the beautiful colle... >>
NehaGupta reply to Tango dance
This beautiful dance, painting is depicting the ballroom dance known as “Tango”; it is a vibrant and playful dance between two people. It has very high potential for improvisation, expression and conne... >>
NehaGupta reply to Ideal woman
This painting is very heart-touching as it is depicting the love of a mother towards her child. This painting is using oil and canvas medium, as an oil painting is the process of painting with pigments... >>