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Suji Park
at Brett McDowell Gallery Dunedin
Opening Reception (local time)
9 Dec 2016 - 22 Dec 2016

Kirsty Gardiner - @newnormal

Kirsty Gardiner
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North
Until 31 Dec 2016


Free proofreading offer
Written by Starkraven 29 Nov 2016 in News

Terra dei Fuochi/Land of Fires

Bianca Falco
at 325 W Broadway New York City
Opening Reception (local time)
15 Dec 2016 - 18 Dec 2016

Not Hamlet Ubu Night

Performance Free theatre christchurch
at Free Theatre at The Gym in The Arts Centre Christchurch
Performance (local time)

Special Red

Victoria Calabro
at chashama at XOCO 325 by DDG New York City
12 Nov 2016 - 2 Dec 2016


Johnny Thornton
at chashama 266 New York City
Until 1 Jan 2017


Billy Mc Queen
at Antoinette Godkin Auckland
26 Oct 2016 - 26 Nov 2016

Ralph Hotere

Ralph Hotere
at Brett McDowell Gallery Dunedin
11 Nov 2016 - 8 Dec 2016

Chance and Order

Yukari Edamitsu
at 1133 Avenue of the Americas (between 43rd and 44th Street.) New York City
Opening Reception (local time)
12 Dec 2016 - 27 Mar 2017

Foot Fetish

Mary Mcintyre
at Whitespace Auckland
Until 24 Dec 2016


Emma Pratt
at Whitespace Auckland
Until 24 Dec 2016
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380x240h-29_a_rifilato_2000x2500 Terry's mirror n. 29, acrylic on wood by Teresa Suardi wood, mirror, glue, plaster, acrylic colors, protective varnish $334
Wood table dimensions cm. 46 x 60 x 1,4 with mirror  dimensions cm. 18 x 26. Exclusive an...
380x240h-20161103_154342-1 Here by Frances Hansen Found print, Frame $86
380x240h-20161103_153852-1 Untitled by Emma Mclellan $180
4 piece set
380x240h-20161103_154305 Kiwiana by Ana Hall Canvas, Flax $36
380x240h-20161103_153816-1 Maungakiekie (One tree hill) by Darnel Ngarimu Cooper Canvas, Material, Acrylic Paint $72
380x240h-20161103_154148-1 Godhead, Aitu by Pati Solomona Tyrell Fine paper print $72
380x240h-20161103_154300 Connect by Jackie Wilson Acrylic paint, Canvas $54
380x240h-20161103_154236-1 Salvador Dali by Qingze Nan Framed Lead sketch $180
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