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{Suite} Summer Series 2016


"Our Billy and me" - new works on board by Elspeth ...

Elspeth Shannon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Ubu Berlin Kabarett

Performance Free Theatre Christchurch
at The Gym, The Arts Centre Christchurch
Performance (local time)

Acqua Daemonia

Jason Greig
at Brett McDowell Gallery Dunedin
Opening Reception (local time)

Tilted Logics


Frankenstein Ubu Night


Celebrating 20 years of panel making

Prakash Patel
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Christmas Exhibition 2015


Boardwalk Vignette


New Works


New Works


Happiness World

All Conversations
304065_300858459937271_1452676136_n brushes by Alisha Oseguera acrylic paint $50
gross_landschaft945q Landscape.Kepler79b. by Dimitri Wall aquarell on paper
img1 autumn by Zahra Salarnia Acrylic on paper
googly_eyed_gremlin_quinty HELP ME! I'm A Googly Eyed Gremlin by Quint Baker 6 Comments
new_image Wynton Marsalis by Isaac Opoku Badu Acrylic on canvas $1
Wynton Marsalis is a renown jazz musician. The work will be shipp in a secure tube.
1-pa163427 Abstract by Haylee Kirkham Mixed Media $234
Abstract Canvas size 30'' x 30''
201507181901080550544001437226268 Village Life by Neha Gupta $260
Indian Art Ideas is an online art gallery that exhibits the finest collection of modern, contemporar...
antonio_buero_vallejo Antonio Buero Vallejo by Alejandro Cabeza oil $2,126 1 Comment
Portrait of Antonio Buero Vllejo  
New Comments
fdrdedaas Quint Baker reply to HELP ME! I'm A Googly Eye...
vaginal waterfall quinty >>
swamp_monsters_quinty Quint Baker reply to HELP ME! I'm A Googly Eye...
swamp gremlins >>
help_16-001 Quint Baker reply to HELP ME! I'm A Googly Eye...
I am outside of the box >>
help Quint Baker reply to HELP ME! I'm A Googly Eye...
The future is bleak >>
plop_quinty Quint Baker reply to vaginal ufo quinty
Vaginal Cyclops & wolf lollies quinty The End >>
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