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Antagonist Freak Show 2


Lynch Ubu Night

Performance Free Theatre
at The Gym, The Arts Centre Christchurch

Old tree


30 Gorgeous Realism Oil Paintings by Jose Higuera

30 Gorgeous Realism Oil Paintings by Jose Higuera
Written by jose.higuera in News

Sebastien Jaunas - Mixed media sculptures

Sebastien Jaunas
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Blessed are the Sick




Three Women


Xiang Guo Hua


Nais Tambu Pepa Piksas


Press Play - New paintings by Elspeth Shannon

Elspeth Shannon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery Palmerston North

Form and Movement

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space_panties_exhibition_invading_soon Space Panties Exhibition Invading Soon by Quint Baker
image Mahuika by Sonja Bremmers Acrylic, Pure silk, Mixed Media. $371
Heavily textured. Acrylic. Mixed media. silk Many layers.
wishbone_2014 Wishbone by Karen Moss Oil on Canvas $315
incomplete Incomplete by Jacob Cotter Ink and Acrylic on paper $22
bluelady Blue lady by Zahra Salarnia Acrylic on board $186
stag Stag by Natalie Goslin pencil on paper $37
Influenced by the flora and fauna and kiwi icons surrounding her growing up in New Zealand combined ...
10003355_521144044672748_1359360537_n inside by Maria Higley Ink Painting $15
1415077860914 Rise by Cj Edmonds Acrylic on paper $30
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john.king reply to Is this an original Murra...
sure looks u want to sell it >>
cream_mental_hospital_quint_baker_2014 Quint Baker reply to Art Exhibition in a Phone...
Space Panties Exhibition Coming Soon >>
Quint Baker reply to Old tree
I don't get it? >>
ten_bbb_eeejvbknl-005 Quint Baker reply to Art Exhibition in a Phone...
Telephonophobia >>